Why nearshore?

Faster, cost efficient and flexible solution.

  • Reduce costs. Save money on recruitment, employee replacement, HR management. You pay man-day only.
  • Go faster. Spend less time finding high qualified professionals.
  • Find best candidates. We provide access to one of the biggest pool of IT professional in Europe.
  • Control the workflow. You have total control over the process.
Scale your software development operations faster in a more efficient way. A dedicated team model offers you flexible and cost efficient solution for extending your existing team or setting up a new one.

Why Ukraine?

Affordable high qualified professionals.

  • Strong technical schools. Kiev universities are recognized all over the world and hold high positions in international programming contests.
  • Similar mentality. Easy to communicate and understand each other.
  • Good english knowledge. 80% of ukrainian IT specialists has intermediate English level or higher.
  • Low taxes rates. Allows us to offer one of the most competitive man-day rates on the European market.

Why NIO soft?

  • Employee motivation.
  • Client orientation.
  • Flexibility.
  • Professionalism.


Operation office (Kiev)


Sales office (Germany)

Hamburg, Germany